Monday, April 6, 2015

Seeds Family Worship GIVEAWAY

In an effort to keep our boys from being glued to the TV, I like to play music throughout the day on the days that we are at home.  For whatever reason, I've become very attached to some sort of background noise. I know it sounds crazy since 2 boys can be noisy on their own... but trust me, I need something going.  Often it's the "K-Love" app playing on the iPad, or our favorite artists playing on "Pandora," but last year when we were introduced to "Seeds Family Worship", we fell in love!

Putting scripture to music is nothing new to us, lots of mainstream songs are scripture verbatim, and Daniel and I own and love the "Glory Revealed" CD's from various artists, but Seeds is different.  We were first introduced to Seeds last year when our church hosted a concert during family weekend.  We purchased a CD (Seeds of Character) to listen to in the car, and we found playlists on youtube to play on the iPad during the day.

What makes Seeds Family Worship different?  Well, it appeals to kids while appealing to adults at the same time.  They have catchy tunes that our boys LOVE, but I still find joy in it as an adult.  Let me explain, I'm sure we've all seen the "Kids Bop" commercials, or even kids sing along CD's.... they are pure torture!  I can't get through a kids bop commercial without wanting to stab myself in the eye with a spork.  Seeds is NOT like that!  The kids request and demand the Seeds CD's in the car, and I truly don't mind putting them in.  I love hearing them sing along to scripture, and they've been fantastic for my scripture memory too.

Want to know one more cool thing about Seeds Family Worship CD's?

When you purchase a CD, you get TWO.  Two of the same CD, one for you and one to share with a friend.  The boys got two new CD's in their Easter baskets this year, so those added to the one we already own means that we have 3 extra CD's to give to friends.
If you're interested in winning one of these CD's just enter the rafflecopter below.  I'll pick 3 winners when the giveaway ends.  This giveaway is open to US residents, so if you aren't local to me,  have no fear, I will ship your CD to you.  It will be random draw as to who gets which CD, but just so you are aware, the 3 up for giveaway are "Seeds of Praise", "Seeds of Courage," and "Seeds of Character."  They are ALL wonderful!  (And there's 5 more volumes that we don't even own yet.) Winner has 48 hours to claim their prize, and if not, a new winner will be drawn. 

Thanks for reading along friends, and hope you enjoy the music as much as we do!


  1. Thanks for the chance to win! This is great!-Kerri Carter

  2. Those sound awesome!! Thanks for sharing about them!!