Saturday, October 25, 2014

Jamberry Love!

Several months ago I noticed a few friends posting on Facebook about their Jamberry parties and subsequently Jamberry loot-- I don't recall if I was invited to any of those events, but having never heard of "a Jamberry", and not knowing what the heck "a Jamberry" was, I set out to Google for information.  What I found was that Jamberry is a company that makes the most adorable nail art-- they are vinyl "wraps" that adhere to your nails once the adhesive is heated.  They come in a huge array of cute designs, and even some solids and sparkles.  They literally have something for everyone! 

But I'm going to be honest, when I first found the website and first learned of Jamberry, I was turned off by the price.  It's no secret that as a stay at home mom, we have a tight budget.  And while I prefer to refer to myself as "frugal," in all honesty, I am cheap.  There, I said it.  I am cheap.  So paying $15 for what I thought was just stickers for my nails, was a no go.....

.... And then more friends posted their pretty nails, and months later I was invited to a friend's online party.  Through the online Jamberry party, I was introduced to a local consultant, and I was even mailed some samples to try out.  I am SO thankful that she sent me those samples-- to be able to verify that I could apply them, and to put them to the test was SO helpful. 
The floral and the chevron nails are the Jamberry nail wrap samples I was sent, and the red is regular old polish-- hand on the left is right after application and the hand on the right is 5 days in.  5 days of caring for kiddos, cleaning house, washing dishes and kids, working out, doing yard work.... you get the point.  5 days of life, and you will notice the red paint is chipping, but the wraps still look beautiful!

After the samples, I fell in love.  I decided to host a party because I knew that others would love them as well.  And once I was in love and had tried them out, I was able to wrap my mind around the cost that originally turned me away.  They are $15 for a sheet of wraps.  And while you may be hesitant at first like I was, know that you can get at least 2 manicures and 2 pedicures out of one sheet of wrap.  You can do more than that if you have short nails, or smaller fingers.... BUT, on top of that, they last!  They last up to 2 weeks on your hands, and up to 4 weeks on your toes.  You can't go to the salon this cheaply!!

I'm officially, "addicted"... and in love with the Jamberry product!  And another reason that I love the wraps.... it's going to sound really cheesy... but they make me feel pretty!  There's just something about having your nails done and looking fancy.  So yes, they make me feel pretty, even on the days that I don't get a shower, I still feel pretty.  And added bonus, when my nails are pretty, I don't bite them, making them healthy AND pretty!  

And since I was the hostess of the party-- I got lots of cool prizes and freebies that I have been rolling in.  I've already changed my nails twice since the party because I've been so excited.  So yes, while they last up to two weeks, if you get hooked like me, you may not let them last two weeks.  And I have lots of wraps to choose from... some were free... some were prizes... and some were purchased at a discount for being a hostess. (Also I got the mini heater, application kit, cuticle oil, and their polish in "ash" color.)

And here are the ones that I've tried out so far....

"Harvest Blooms"

"October Hostess Exclusive"

Pretty, right?  Do you love them?  Are you totally intrigued now that you know what the heck "a jamberry" is?  Well if you have further questions, want to check them out, want to know about ordering.... etc....  Feel free to contact my Jamberry consultant Carly M, at her Facebook page or her Jamberry website.  I assure you that I get absolutely NO compensation for this post... no perks, no more freebies, nada.  I get nothing for sharing the love, I just share the love because I really like the product that much!  

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