Monday, December 9, 2013

The Weeds Grew....

Aside from my challenge group and a few friends that diligently follow my progress, I don't think that anyone noticed my lack of an 8 week post on progress for Turbo Fire.  I should've posted an update and photos last week, and since I've always prided myself on honesty and being an open book to the world, here's why there was no post.... I let the weeds grow. 

Let me explain, I'm in a Bible study every Wednesday morning with a small group of women.  The study we're doing is "The Amazing Collection" and it truly is amazing.  We're going through the entire bible, book by book in 6 semesters, that's one book of the bible each week.  I'm in the first semester and so we've gone from Genesis to 2 Kings book by book, and recently in both 1 Samuel and 1 Kings, we've talked a lot about the heart and what we fill our hearts with.  The bottom line is, when you aren't filling yourself with good things, bad things are growing.... 
... It's been incredibly convicting, because I haven't been filling myself with good things.  I joined the Bible study because I was yearning to grow and learn more, and because I wanted the accountability of other women, and then I've totally bombed at getting my studies done.  

And last week as I sat there quietly (because I hadn't finished my homework and had nothing to share) I sat there listening convicted about my studies, but also convicted about my work outs too.  I've had so many women tell me how motivational my posts have been and even in the last few weeks tell me that I'm doing a good job and the last few weeks, I haven't even done anything.  I haven't done anything in a MONTH! I can sit here and list every excuse I've had for the last few weeks (and some of them are quite good) but the bottom line is, the weeds have grown....

... And when those weeds grow, it is so hard to overcome them.  It starts out with missing a day, and you think, "Oh it's just a day"... Then one day turns into a week, turns into two weeks, turns into three.... And by the time you miss that many, it's a difficult leap to come back. 

BUT, praise be to God for His infinite grace!  He loves me so much no matter how many times I fail Him. (And I always do.) Praise be to Him, that a month later I can run to Him with open arms, diving into 2 Kings, and He receives me!! He has His arms open too!!! 

And the same thing for my work outs, the DVD's are sitting there just waiting for me to come by and hit play.  So on this day, Monday December 9th, it is time to chop down some weeds, the weeds in my heart need to go, and I'm ready to jump some hurdles, dig up some motivation and get back to working out too. 

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  1. Very brave to post! We all go through "weed growing times". I've been there- and am there no.... trying daily to hack down the weeds and plant good seeds! You can do it! You aren't alone :)