Saturday, November 2, 2013

Halloween Festivities

It's become a yearly tradition to head a short distance out of town to a local fruit orchard for Halloween festivities the weekend before Halloween.  They do hay rides, games, smores and hot dog roasting, and then top the night off with watching "It's The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown" after dark, outside, under the stars.  I have no doubt that the boys have fun, but I kind of think that I might actually enjoy it more than them. Ha!  This year it was extra special too because Daniel was off work and able to join us, AND this is the first year that we've done a family costume.

Gru and his minions!  I of course crocheted the hats and scarf myself.  The yellow shirts are all courtesy of Old Navy, which happens to be the ONLY place in town with long sleeve yellow shirts right now.  And the boys overalls are courtesy of Osh Kosh because Osh Kosh is the ONLY place in town that sells overalls beyond the size of 2T, and we needed a 5T for Leeland.
^^ This minion needed Momma to hold him.^^
 I don't get it.  Praise God that our family photos turned out decent this year, but for whatever reason, when Momma is the one behind the camera, they just don't want to look. ((Sigh))

 ^^ I LOVE THIS GUY!! ^^

I hope that the orchard never stops showing this movie and doing this fun halloween night.  We really do love it!  So nice to have fun family traditions.

Then Halloween night, Daniel sadly had to work, so I sent some treats with him to share with the guys at work, that the boys helped me make.
 Hayden, I'm gonna need you to stop turning your head every time Momma pulls out the camera.

The cute little Halloween tins came from the dollar spot at Target.  We needed 9, and bought the very last 9 at one of the many local Target stores in our area.  They were meant to be!  This treat mix is actually one that I usually make with my family at Christmas.  At Christmas time it is cheerios, red and green M&M's, peanuts, and white chocolate or I used vanilla candy melts.  Daniel had the brilliant idea of subbing out the M&M's for Reese Pieces to make it for Halloween, and then I threw in the candy corn mix too.  It was a pretty brilliant idea, I almost like the Reese Pieces better!

Halloween night, the festivities were quick.  Leeland had been saying he wanted to go trick or treating all week, but we were lacking time since Daniel needed the car to get to work that night.  We went to a local trunk or treat at a friend's church-- there were about 15 cars in the parking lot handing out candy and then once you went around, they were providing hot dogs for everyone.  It was small, but it was perfect for the amount of time we had and still gave Leeland the feeling of trick or treating.

Hope you all had a fabulous time celebrating Halloween with your kiddos and families! 

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