Thursday, May 31, 2012

A Third?

Why is it that immediately after you are engaged, people ask what the date of the wedding will be? Well, considering you were just engaged... Spent 5 minutes in shock, 5 minutes crying, and 5 minutes kissing before calling all your friends & family to announce the good news, you probably haven't considered a date. Especially since the wedding planning doesn't start immediately and even then, a venue is needed for the date.
Or why is it that 1 month into your happy marriage, people are asking when you plan to have a kid. Can we enjoy marriage first? Maybe get a puppy?
You probably see where I'm going with this.
Our 2nd child was probably only a week old before we were asked if there would be more....
So to answer that question, we aren't sure. The idea of a 3rd sounds lovely in the future should we be blessed in that way. The key in that sentence is "in the future!" Honestly, neither Leeland or Hayden were planned by us. The Lord knew they were coming, but they were surprises to us even though we were using some precautions. It would be nice to plan a child.** (Or even adopt a 3rd child.... Something that i have researched some and Daniel and I have talked briefly about.) Not to mention, a 3rd child would be expensive--we would have to get a minivan, because we are definitely outgrowing the civic. And we would definitely need to get a bigger place to live!
So there you have it folks, for now we're just enjoying being a family of 4 and have no idea what the future holds.

**After reading this, I feel led to add a note.  Many of my friends struggle with fertility, and some women who read this who have had those struggles may be cringing at this post.  This post is not meant to complain about our "surprises" and many of you may wish that you didn't have to "plan" a child.  But looking at it from our perspective, because we didn't plan, we weren't prepared financially for kids.  We have really struggled and have really had to pull ourselves up by our boot straps to make things work and there has been a lot of extra stress.  Not to mention, children change relationships.  We found out we were expecting Leeland 8 months into our marriage.  We were still newlyweds, and truly still getting to know each other.  If we had things to do over, we still wouldn't change a thing simply because this is our family.  We love our boys more than anything, and they are part of what makes us, us.

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