Wednesday, December 8, 2010

And Leeland wins!!!

For those who hadn't heard, which would be hard to believe considering I posted all over Facebook and all over Twitter about our win.... Leeland won his very 1st contest on November 24, 2010.  The contest was sponsored by "Rockin Green" on Facebook.

If you are a cloth diaperer, you have probably heard of Rockin Green and if you haven't you REALLY need to check them out.  It is the BEST cloth diaper detergent out there.  It is a clean rinsing detergent, that really gets all the ickies out-- and even better, they make scents that are completely clean rinsing and make washing dirty diapers fun!  Click here for more  It can however also be used on other things, like carpets, dishes, set in stains and clothes.

If you use Rockin Green soap or plan to use their soap, you really need to follow them on Twitter and "like" them on Facebook-- they are ALWAYS giving stuff away.  The contest we were in was Thanksgiving related where we were asked to send in pictures of our little turkey's.  The prize was a "jingle bell gift pack" worth $45.  Daniel and I got Leeland's costume together the night before and were anxiously awaiting 10 am that day to post a picture of our little turkey-- we were pretty proud of our creativity but weren't sure what others ideas were.  Turns out, our anxiousness made us only the 2nd picture posted that day...  I found myself on Facebook checking out the competition ALL day (lame I know).  Rockin' Green also decided to give away a bag of detergent every hour that day-- so I was waiting on them to say I won a bag of detergent and when they didn't I began to think "wow, we really must have a shot at the grand prize...."

At the end of the contest, they said it was hard to choose and that they were going to pick top 5.  They started posting off #5, a few minutes later #4, then #3, by the time they got there I began to think we didn't win.  Surely there was NO way that we were #1, I've never won anything.  I was ready to write it off as a loss... then #2, and finally the winner of the grand prize was ME!!!!! I literally squealed and jumped up and down (trying to be a little quiet because Leeland was down for his evening nap).  Daniel was at work so I had no one to celebrate with, I called him at work nearly in tears because I was so shocked that we had won.  He didn't believe me at first and I showed him the announcement online when he got home.  We won the grand prize out of 110 pictures entered!

This is the picture we submitted-- the feathers were made of
the "Rockin Green" bag and silver wrapping paper.

Leeland was napping, this is Hooey the parrot modeling
our "Jingle Bell Gift Pack"

The gift pack included--- tote bag, magnetic laundry scoop, Rockin Green detergent in Might Marshmallow scent, Funk Rock ammonia bouncer, A shake-it-up pail freshener in the holiday "Sugar Ray plum" scent, a small bag of Rockin Green samples (in every scent) and a small bag of random goodies from other companies.  


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