Friday, July 22, 2016

Happy 11 months Joel!

This is what it's like taking photos of an 11 month old...

Not a lot to say for 11 months-- the little guy is ALL over the place and into EVERYTHING!

He IS a toddler.  There is no more denying it.

He's walking and running and climbing.

He's opening cabinets and pulling everything out of them.


He also knows how to work a pouty lip and a fake cry when he wants to.

But he also gives hugs and kisses.

LOVES to snuggle.

And chases his big brothers around everywhere....

He's one sweet, sweet little boy!

His birthday invitations were mailed out to our family last week, and we are SO excited and ready to celebrate his big first birthday in a month. Happy 11 months Joel! 

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