Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Sweet Summer Time

It's no secret that of the 4 seasons, Summer is not my favorite.  In fact, it's probably rated 4th for my last 29 years, but I have to confess that this special season is beginning to grow on me!

Maybe it's the extra time?

While I LOVE my women's Bible study and we adore our homeschool co-op, they both take breaks for the Summer so we have a lot of time and freedom since we aren't running around from place to place each week.  Just church on Sunday's and the rest of the week, we decide what we want to do.

Maybe it's less school?

Just reading, spelling and math.  That's what we've committed to for the Summer.  The boys really do enjoy school and I don't mind teaching them, but I have to confess that 1 hour of school with the rest of the day free is really spoiling me.  Sweet Summer time!

Maybe it's spontaneity? 

With less items on the calendar, we have the freedom to be spontaneous!  Some mornings, we wake up and just want to have a movie and popcorn lounge day.  Some days we head to the splash park to cool off.  Some days we just decide to drive an hour and a half to Ikea because Mommy loves Swedish meatballs and we're craving an adventure.  (In reality the purpose of the Ikea trip was getting the baby's 1st birthday present.)

OR maybe it's the surprise in a child's eyes?

Maybe it's just taking it all in and being able to see it all through my children.  Summer only comes around once a year, so there's a lot that the boys don't remember from last year, and then there's some new things that we are able to do now that they are getting older.  There's an element of surprise and Summer time is such a fun time to be a parent because I get to enjoy and watch the days unfold right before my eyes!  There's water fun, vacation Bible school, fireworks, lots of library trips, $1 Summer movies, an occasional ice cream cone for dinner, AND (gasp) we've even skipped nap/rest time and broken bed time quite a bit!  

Summer is spoiling us!  
Summer is growing on me.
Summer is freedom!
Summer is pretty sweet...

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