Monday, December 8, 2014

30 Days of Thanksgiving Days 21-30

You can find days 1-10 over here and days 11-20 right here.... and then I have two confessions.  Number one... I'm only about 8 days late posting this.  I'm not really sure how we have gotten to December 8th already?  I honestly can't remember what I spent the last week doing, and while I have been counting down to Christmas since July, I'm kind of in shock that we are only like 2 weeks away now.  Confession number 2, you'll find at the end....

Day 21- 

Day 22-

Day 23- (from Hayden of course)

Day 24-

Day 25-

..... 25?  25?  Bueller?  Bueller?

Yea, so confession number 2, we didn't finish.  ((sigh))  I tried so hard to be on top of it, but then we just got lost in the season.  Giving myself some grace this year,  because regardless of whether we got to 30 or not, regardless of whether this post was published on December 1st or December 8th, the point of thankfulness still came across to my little fellows and that's the whole point anyway.  I pray that each year as we enter this busy and chaotic season surrounded by Santa and presents, that they take away what really matters-- that they are loved and blessed by God.  Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Santa, and I LOVE presents, but Jesus is the best present we could ever have!

Hopefully I won't let 3 weeks pass again before my next post, I hope that you all are finding time to sit back and enjoy the season amongst the busyness.  Until next time friends, sending lots of love your way!  

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