Friday, November 14, 2014

Soup Season

Well, if there was anyone in denial that the cold is coming.... you can't deny any longer!  In typical North Carolina fashion, the weather couldn't make up it's mind for a few weeks there, and we all suffered runny noses and congestion from it, but the chill is in the air now!  In fact, I've heard a few folks say that they saw snow flakes last night.  

Something about the cold that makes me crave comfort foods like soup-- I'm sure a lot of it is because it's hot and keeps me warm, but it's just comforting.  And added bonus, is that many soup recipes have minimal or cheap ingredients, so they are fabulous for stretching the grocery budget!!  

So in celebration of soup season, I wanted to share some of our favorite soup recipes!  (And since Daniel is a chili guy, maybe I'll share some chili recipes soon too.)

First up, chicken noodle soup!  A classic, and it's one of the soup recipes that the boys have no qualms about eating.  At least this week-- in typical preschooler fashion, they could hate it next week, but for now, they don't mind chicken noodle soup.  And the super awesome thing about this particular chicken noodle soup recipe is that it's a crock pot one! That means that I can chop up veggies in the morning, hibernate all day, and have warm delicious soup by evening.  Easy peasy! Here is the recipe link at "Inspired Dreamer".  It says the wine is optional, I have had it both ways and I say DO IT!  Add the wine, it adds really good flavor.  Also, on the occasion that I don't have rosemary, I sub with just a little bit of thyme and it's just as good.  Try this one, I dare you!

Next is a recent discovery, and I mean by recent that I made it for the first time a couple of weeks ago and we loved it so much that we made it again the next week.  Potato soup!  Now, when most think of potato soup, they think of Outback Steakhouse and think potato chunks with cheese and bacon.... now while that version of potato soup is also super yummy, this one is different.  This potato soup is blended and creamy and has bold onion and garlic flavors.  It is ridiculously easy to make, and a bag of potatoes is cheap, cheap, cheap!  You might want to make this garlic potato soup tonight.  And check out other recipes from the Pistachio Project too!  So far we have not been disappointed by recipes found there.  (In fact, another favorite that I don't have a picture of is the french onion soup by Pistachio Project!)

Last up is another crock pot recipe (although it actually has a stovetop version as well), it's this Tomato Basil Parmesean Soup from 365 Days of Slow Cooking.  It's a lovely twist on the classic tomato soup-- so creamy!!  And a perfect balance of tomatoes and parmesan cheese.  So pair this one with a grilled cheese or some garlic bread and dip away my friends. 

Hope you try one or all of these and hope that you enjoy them as much as we do.  Stay warm and cozy friends!

P.S.  My crazy Christmas self couldn't let this post go without "just putting it out there".... 40 days until Christmas!!  

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