Sunday, August 17, 2014

Turbo Fire: 8 Week Update

The 8 week update isn't too much different than the 4 week update, 2/3 of the way through now and again I'm waiting until the end to share the photos and measurements this time around.  This is officially the furthest I have made it through this program-- if you haven't been reading for a while, the first time I started going through Turbo Fire was last Fall, and the Holiday season REALLY got away from me unfortunately.  It was such a struggle, with my eating and also with getting work outs in between bouncing to and from all of the celebrations and festivities.  BUT, this year I feel so much more prepared for the Holidays because of that experience.

In fact, 14 months into this journey, I finally am feeling like I have truly built a lifestyle.  When I first started, it was small goals of just "finishing the program" or "get to the finish line", and my workouts had to be forced.  Along the way I found motivation through results and accomplishments but the workouts still felt somewhat forced.  Fast forward to today though, and this is my life.  The workouts are no longer forced, they are something that I look forward to and something that I want to do.  I love the results I've gotten so far, I'm trying to maintain those results and I'm pushing myself and learning new things about myself and my body each and everyday.

So the workouts over the last 4 weeks,  I'm sad to say that I did in fact miss 3 days over the last 4 weeks.  One day literally got away from me, with appointments and errands galore.  Scheduling that day was pretty much a fail.  And the other 2 days just didn't happen.  No excuse for them other than I'm human.  I've still continued to add the "Abs 10" class to all of my HIIT days and I'm happy to say that I have reached the point of getting through Abs 10, keeping up with every single rep, and making it through the entire workout without groaning and grumbling.  I've also subbed out 4 days and went for 4-4.5 mile runs just to get in some "mommy time" and also make sure that I'm staying race ready for upcoming runs/races that I'm doing in the Fall.

The eating end of things has gotten a lot better since the 4 week update.  I feel like I'm getting a handle on balance and maintenance, although I also feel like I'm eating the same thing over and over week to week.  I need to hop onto pinterest and find some more clean eating inspiration.... But at the end of the day I'm reminding myself that food is fuel. I'm reminded of this image shared by Melissa Locas on Instagram.
So only 4 weeks left to go and it will be time for the results post.  I haven't given a much thought to what's next... I guess I should hop on that!  I have 2 races to run in November, and it's time to start working on a plan for between now and then.

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