Tuesday, September 14, 2010

New camera!

I got a fancy new camera this past week.  (Nikon D3000) It's a DSLR, I can't even tell you what those letters stand for... haha.  There will be lots of learning ahead of me.  Trying to figure out how everything works on it, but I can already tell that the pictures I'm taking of Leeland are looking WAY better than before with my 6 year old Kodak point and shoot.  I think my Kodak took pictures that were like 6 mega pixels, which back in the day was pretty good, but now they have cameras that do like 14 mega pixels.  All of the pictures posted on my previous post "Leeland at 5 months" were taken with the new camera.  Don't you think they're looking better? If anyone has any tips or advice about how to use this thing, all information is much appreciated! Thanks!

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